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Success Stories

As we continue to grow and work toward helping more individuals, we love to recount the success that has already happened. We are so grateful to help in another’s time of need. Take a look at how our work has reached the Colorado Springs community thus far. And here’s to giving hope for years to come.




“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” 

Charles Dickens

Story #1

In 2020 one of our clients that was living in a halfway house was informed that due to Covid restictions, they would have to find a new place to live in El Paso County.  Additionally, they were laid off at this time because of the Covid crisis, now needing new employment as well.

Story #2

We had a client that needed stable housing, assistance with their taxes, help appling for Social Security and a part-time job

Story #3

A client was refered to us when they were on the verge of homelessness due to a Covid realted layoff.

Story #4

A couple that had been traveling from Colorado to California had their vehicle and their identities stolen.  They were living in a tent and attempting to restore their stolen identies through the asstance of Catholic Charities.

How Hope Advanced Helped

Assisted them with:

  • Finding a permanent place to live.

  • Transportation

  • Employment, and at a much better place than the previouse one.

  • Food assistance.

  • Filing taxes.

  • Internet access.

How Hope Advanced Helped

Assisted them with:

  • Filing taxes.

  • Food assistance.

  • Filing for and receiving social security.

In the meantime the client found permanent housing and steady part-time employment to supplement their social security benefits.

How Hope Advanced Helped

Assisted them with:

  • Filing for unemployment.

  • Obtaining counseling for the stress of their situation.

  • Finding stable housing.

  • Transportation.

  • Finding part-time employment.

  • Referal to Voc-Rehab

How Hope Advanced Helped

Assisted them with:

  • Finding stable, permanent housing.

  • Internet access to help them rebuild their lives.

  • Getting cell phones.

  • Obtaining their birth certificates, social security cards & drivers license.

  • Finding employment.

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