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Our Mission


Hope Advanced is dedicated to helping our fellow community members achieve their best lives. We understand that individuals can feel defined by their circumstances and their mistakes. These heavy burdens can make them feel trapped and helpless. This is where we come in – providing connections to resources and support that will help them rebuild their lives.

What We Do


Each person is different and we start every conversation with them discovering who we are and in turn we learn about them.

Get It Done (GID)

Once we have moved forward in the discovery process we begin to develop their GID list. With their agreement we begin the journey of defining what are their next steps to their best life.


We are on a continuing journey for our members of Hope Advanced to make sure we make every effort to connect them to the right people and places.

Make a Difference

Want to give hope? Make a difference in the community by supporting our cause. A little goes a long way, and, with your help, we can truly be a light in the lives of those struggling.

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