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Meet Hope Advanced


Tim and Brownie Richardson are the co-founders of Hope Advanced. They reside in Woodland Park, Colorado and currently operate within Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Tim and Brownie are passionate about helping others lead meaningful lives, offering a listening ear and helping hand to connect individuals with resources that will get their lives back on track.

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Within five years, we want to duplicate Hope Advanced across the United States. Our goal is to develop systems that can act as a plug-and-play solution for communities everywhere. Creating these models will allow communities to quickly unite the proper resources to support those individuals that need help landing on their feet. 

The hope is that these solutions will be committed to the long-term support and success of each individual. All too often, our current systems have trouble retaining and keeping up with the needs of the individuals looking to rebuild their lives.

We believe that there are many people and organizations – public and private – that offer support and resources. We want to use Hope Advanced as a way to partner with and unite these helpers to advance the kindhearted work that is already in play. By working together and continuing to fine-tune these support systems, we know we can provide hope for people across our nation.

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